Morris Smith has been bringing Positivity for 20 Years

The purpose of the Morris Show is to teach and promote "positive attitude" in the greater Stanislaus county area.
Over the past 20 years, Morris has appeared on a variety of local TV stations, and is now appearing ONLINE as well
with Modesto, a Facebook Local News Broadcast Station followed by over 24,000 followers.



Our Process is Simple and Straight Forward

We'll listen, fine tune and turn what you want to say into a marketable message.
Then we'll give you the chance to share your information in a relaxed and entertaining format.

The process is very user friendly and simple. The Morris Show staff will listen to your concept and idea. They will help you fine tune it and make it into a marketable. The segment producer will discuss beforehand a general direction of the talking points and theme of the interview. Once the collaboration has been created, then The Morris Show crew will help your company deliver an entertaining and marketing savvy interview to Stanislaus county viewers. This is a very concise way to promote and market your business.
This technique is meant to emulate famous talk shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Arsenio Hall, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, etc. The guest is booked on the show to come on and promote their book, movie, non-profit organization fundraiser, invention, a recipe from their restaurant, car show, or some other kind of event. When the show is over everyone goes home and waits for the show to come on to see their product, concept, or service appear on the Morris Show.

Appear on the Morris Show

If you would like to reserve a 5-10 minute interview (on location or in the TV studio), please CONTACT US with your segment idea. All segments include basic editing including your company name, phone no., web or email address on the lower third of the screen. A $200 production fee applies to all accepted segments.

Contact Us About Our Next Great Show Idea

Drop us a line, and let us know how we can get back to you right away.

Call or text the Morris Show today at: (209) 872-9542